Westward, Bound Alone


Westward Bound, Alone is a fiction full of adventure set in the 1800s. The story revolves around Dan, a teenager who loses both his parents at fifteen. With only his older sister left, their neighboring family adopts them. The family wants to move to Oregon. He becomes separated from his sister and his foster family. Later on, he gets trapped in an underground caravan.

Unable to move because of his serious injuries, he spends days in trying to escape, only to find out that the wagon train already abandoned him.

Alone in the prairie, he is torn between chasing the wagon or finding shelter and water. He decides to choose the latter, and so he takes the path leading to the creek.

His journey was long and hard, but he meets a lot of people and makes friends with them. After a long period of being alone, he finds himself in the territory of the Indians and lives with them. He also experienced being with miners and trappers. Until one day, he meets his old friend, the mountain man, Moss.

His travels lasted four years before Dan reached the fabled Willamette Valley in Oregon. There he commenced a search with his friend, Moss, for his foster parents and his long dreamed of sweetheart.


David Leonard grew up in Colorado. A retired educator who loved to write, he previously published articles in the AA Grapevine and Good Old Days. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Mount Angel College and a master’s degree in education from New Mexico State University. He is currently living in Prineville, Oregon, with his wife, Carole.



It was the first time he’d been to a funeral that he could remember. The bodies had been laid out in the cabin before bein’ put into their rude boxes. It made him sick to see the ropes lower the bodies into the ground and to hear the clods hittin’ the tops of the coffins. He hated the dream. Nothin’ was as final as death.

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David Thornton, a high school senior who is about to graduate and head to college, is a Civil War enthusiast. He loves studying history, and he loves Civil War memorabilia. His great-aunt Gin knows this, of course. She has a special gift for his graduation. It is a letter written by Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, she has David go digging through her attic for other Civil War letters. In the course of searching the attic, he finds a strange helmet. Gin gives him the possibly priceless head piece. It doesn’t take a thief long to hear of the Lincoln Letter, and it is gone before David even sees it. It is a treasure with a possible answer to a great Civil War mystery. On a quest to find the Lincoln Letter, David and his friends are soon pursued by the “collector”

A boy grows to manhood in war. After the war he has an obsession with death and encounters a man who murders.

He becomes an amateur geologist under the tudalege of a professional geologist. The knowledge he gains is held in high esteem by prospectors. He travels with the geologist exploring and prospecting for gold and other minerals. He forms close relationships with many…some of whom die. Without family, he finds and loses one that he regards as family only to lose them in the violence he encounters.


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